Proverbs 15:30, "A cheerful look brings joy to the heart and good news gives health to the bones."
"When you put your faith in others, you can help them reach their potential. And you become an important influencer in their lives."

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year 2010 everyone!

2009 has ended and reflecting on the year that has gone by so quickly I realized that I'm so blessed! Last year was a BIG year for myself and Lorene. Getting married was an experience on its own. Let me share a little of the experience with you.

Lorene and I were in Singapore in August 2008 for a conference. We didn't expect anything more than spending time with her family there after the conference. Her Aunt Elaine had gotten us two tickets to a bridal show. Funnily enough, we were not engaged yet until 6 October 2008. So we decided to go to this bridal show. The banquet team from Raffles Hotel took us to view the banquet hall, the flower arrangements, honeymoon suite and offered us cocktail. Ok, the thing was every other couple there was engaged and the ladies ALL had their engagement ring on except the two of us. The highlight came during the catwalk bridal show itself. Beautiful models twirled up and down the elevated catwalk for everyone to view the bridal gowns they were wearing from Silhouette, which apparently is a reknown boutique to my own ignorance. At the end of the show a name was called.

"Lorene Fong", and there was a pause. Again they called out, "Lorene Fong". I looked at Lorene and said, "I think they're calling you." She began to scream(according to MY memory-she denies screaming) and she pulled me up onto the stage... She had won a lucky draw for a bridal gown! It was a miracle! We could see the green-eyed ladies with their diamond studded rings reluctantly congratulating us, but they applauded anyway. From there we began to see miracles after miracles til the day of our wedding.

The wedding was phenomenal. I thank all that gave so much to the wedding and celebrated with us on the 07.08.09. especially my mommy and daddy, Grace and John Chin, Che Ming and Dex, Che Ching and Johan, my younger brother Raymond Chin, Che Mei and Abang Jap, Che Na & Abang Jamal, Che Wendy and my late brother Koko Chris, Nenek Riman my Grandmother, my parents-in-law B.J & Judith, my nephews and nieces, The Woo Family, Best Man Chester and Maid of Honour Denise, the Pastors, Rev Johnny Chin and Karen, Uncle Andy and Aunty Dona, my care group-20 something, Dawn, Sophia, Imam, Felicia and their CG, YDM, Church Office i.e. Tiew Li, Linnie and again Dawn, Christina Chong, my stag nite gang (hehehe), Vely, Tim, Nick Thein, Joel Ang, Ron, Koko Frank, Sonia, Jerome Wong and Jen's Studios, Ken Florist, PCC and the list goes on and on. I was very touched by all their efforts and act of love toward myself and Lorene making our wedding and marriage such an enjoyable time. I will always cherish this and remember it for the rest of my life. Thank you for making our wedding memorable and 2009 an awesome year for us!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I pray that this year will be a year of breakthrough, revival and transformation for all.