Proverbs 15:30, "A cheerful look brings joy to the heart and good news gives health to the bones."
"When you put your faith in others, you can help them reach their potential. And you become an important influencer in their lives."

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

The journey thus far has been awesome.

In 2012, I came home from New Zealand after finishing my diploma studies there and begun my ministry as a pastor with my church. The training alone had given me so much to work with that I admit that my preaching is a lot better now than before I had gone studying.

Apart from that, it was this time last year that my wife and I found out that we would soon be parents. Yes, it was exactly a year ago that we found out our daughter would be joining us in this world. We were thrilled. Now, we are both proud parents of Zara Elizabeth Chin who is now already 4 months old. And in the same line of thoughts, we ended u p being home owners as well.

Now, what will 2013 be for us? I pray that God's favour would be with us continually as we seek to know him and make him known. It is also in my desire that I would be a better husband, father, son, pastor and friend. This year will be quite a challenge on its own but there is truly nothing I can't do that which God can't do for me and with me.

So Happy and Blessed New Year to all. May this year be ever more fruitful and joyful. May the grace  of God be with you. And, may his peace, shalom, be made known in all earth.

God bless.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

My Adventures with God

When I first start this blog, I had intended to use it to describe the challenges I had been through in life. Thus, I named this blog "Crows ad Crossroads". "Crows" were what I imagined that picked the joy and laughter out of my life; and the "Crossroads" were what represented the decisions made to continue in this journey called 'life".

Today, I sit in the student lounge of Laidlaw College while pondering on the journey I had taken with the Lord for the year 2011. I have embarked on the Diploma in Biblical Studies in this college since February 2011. I've learnt a lot here that has helped me understand my faith in Christ more. Furthermore, this theological studies has given me a tremendous appreciation for tradition and Scripture. Being here has been a blessing and a challenge. I look forward to finishing soon so that I can return home and be with my wife, Lorene and my family.

I have much to express and describe about my life, however, as usual I lack the creative writing skills to do so. Despite of the lack of literacy ability, I will attempt to expound on my thoughts for the year and hopefully nuggets of God's creativity will flow into my writing.

Unfortunately, I will have to return to my books to prepare for my exams next week. This blog would be updated once in while, depending on the inspirations I have received to write.

God bless.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Living On Purpose: Ministry

Living on Purpose: "Ministry flows out of an intimate relationship with the Creator". Inasmuch that worship is an overflow of the same relationship, what we do is the natural respond to our love for Him knowledgeably (mind, soul & spirit) and experientially (heart).

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Living On Purpose

Living on Purpose

God never intended us to live without a purpose. Life is purposeful and wonderful. We are created with a purpose, for a purpose. Today, I have decided for this season to consider my life and begin living it with a deeper sense of purpose.

I've have gone through the "40 Days of Purpose Life" by Rick Warren, Senior Pastor of Saddleback Church in the USA. In the process of it, he summarized life in 5 simple points. If you are interested about it, go and get the book and read it. Good information and wonderful for application. However, we must take it further and begin pondering upon the truths of living purposefully.

Here, I would dedicate most of my postings with snippets of wisdom from scriptures, authors, newsletters and other sources of inspirational truths of Living on Purpose. Some might be long essays while most would be short inspirational truths from great thinkers of past and present centuries.

It is said that all truths are divinely inspired regardless of culture or religion. As long as the truths resonates with the scripture, they are truths to be expressed. You might ask, "What does truth have to do with Living on Purpose?" Well, everything! Truth allows us to find our purpose and to have it with clarity. Hence, the journey of Living on Purpose is actually a journey of truths. Truth is not relative. If it was so, it would not be consider a truth.

So, I pray that as I wait upon the Spirit of God, and read the scriptures, books, novels and more, these wisdom and truth would materialize into words. Words that are from Eternity and would continue into eternity. Words that would propel us into a life of wonders and profound joy, hope and love.

Let me therefore encourage you to seek Truth for it would result in true freedom and a life of great purpose... one with a destiny. Begin Living on Purpose!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

You can't be what you don't see, Joycelyn Elders

You can't be what you don't see. I didn't think about being a doctor. I didn't even think about being a clerk in a store—I'd never seen a black clerk in a clothing store.

Joycelyn Elders (b. 1933), U.S. pediatrician and educator; first woman (and second African American) Surgeon General of the United States. As quoted in the New York Times Magazine, p. 18 (January 30, 1994).

Elders, who was the U. S. Surgeon General at the time, was noting the importance of professional role models for African American children. Explaining why, growing up African American in Arkansas, she wanted to be a lab technician, she said: "That was the only thing I'd ever heard about." Eventually, she met Dr. Edith Irby Jones, the first African American woman to study at the University of Arizona Medical School, and was inspired to become a physician.

Adapted from Dictionary.com - Quotes

Inspiration comes from many places...

I was on my lap top preparing my message for YDM (a Youth Service) when I discovered the video. I'm certain that many people have viewed this video, but this was my first time.

Music is really inspirational. In fact, music is in the heart of every created being. We all have a sense of rhythm from the beating heart, pulsating veins. While we might not sing, dance or have a tune in our minds... deep within us is an expression like a song, like music... powerful, unpredictable and inspiring.

This video is another one of the inspirational expression of a human heart.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Song Story - Brooklyn Tabernacle Miracle of Hope

"Because this place try to mind you of who you used to be but God has never spoken to me about who I used to be...never... God has my eyes and my heart focus on where He's taking me." Gary Norris (2:00 - 2:13)